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Montañas de Riaño.

In the farthest and inaccessible edge of the provinces of León and Palencia stands an impressive and almost unknown mountain chain. Its peaks and crests, modelled by ice over the hard and tight limestone, go beyond the 2,500 meters altitude and make up a singular terrain by means of  fantastic needles, magnificent cliffs, and deep valleys. They are the mountains of Riaño and Fuentes Carrionas.

This name has had so much strength and entrenchment that it seems to define a single mountainous system. However, this zone is part of a wider context: La Cordillera Cantábrica; and has as illustrious neighbour “Los Picos de Europa”. This neighborhood is the cause, undoubtedly, of its relative anonymity  for the mountaineer community.

Over this reality, rocky and slopy, sets another reality: the forest, the meadows, the rivers, the towns and...the reservoirs. There are many glacial lakes, and three important rivers of the North Plateau, debtors of the castilian Duero, have their sources in this mountains: Esla, Carrión and Pisuerga.

The first of them is born in the ruggest heart of the our mountains, sources of Valdeburón and Land of the Queen deliver their waters over Riaño reservoir. Carrión river is born more eastwards in an alpine lake known as Fuentes Carrionas Lake, this name is taken for all the area and the natural park that guards it.

For its part the Pisuerga comes out in Fuente Cobre (Copper Source), at least in appearance, because the origin is quite higher, in “Sel de la Fuente”, where the waters of the circo glaciar of Covarrex come together; and right there, just born, are buried. Its journey goes on through the belly of the mountain for more than two kilometres, emerging in the Copper Source. Its walk through the subsoil has carved a framework of caves of spectacular beauty, as all speleologists well know.

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