Cabecera Hotel Tierra de la Reina


Here we are

Here, where the violent terrain of Cantabrian Mountains brings together, in vertical competition, its highest peaks: Peña Prieta, Espiguete, Coriscao, Curavacas ...

Here, where the white cloths of the virgin snow melt without stopping in transparent streams that will give water and life to old Castile: The Pisuerga River of Peñalabra and Carrion River from Fuentes Carrionas, who will hand out miles below its flow to the powerful artery of the Canal of Castile; the Esla River from Valdeburon and Land of the Queen, born in the joy of countless sources, that from here descend to deliver his tribute of water to father Duero.


Here, bordering us to the north, the vertigo of the hollows of Potes, Valdeon and Sajambre valley, under the protection of the powerful towers of Picos de Europa. To the south, in short journey, the Castilian plain is path for pilgrims in the way to Finisterre: Osorno, Frómista, Sahagún, León ...

Here, in a world where nature is not a topic but surrounding space. Bear and wolf, chamois and roe deer, badger and wild boar live in our mountains. Trouts, otters and herons in our rivers. The yew and holly among oak groves, the birchwood over the beech forest give them shelter and sustenance.

Here we are in "Land of the Queen", and hospitably we wait for you.

Hotel Tierra de la Reina, Ctra. Santander, 6, Boca de Huérgano, 24911 - León Telephone: 987 740 100